Our Mission

As kids, I don't believe any of us found history interesting. A general expectation was: a student should know when the battle of Panipat was fought, or the place where Lokmanya Tilak was born. Understanding the past was not a goal. Learning from past mistakes was not a goal. Knowing our ancestors was not a goal.

It is very sad, that our history books teach the false Aryan Invasion Theory. A pity, that the mummies of Egypt seem more interesting than the town planning feats of the Saraswati-Sindhu valley. A bitter truth, that Aristotle and Archimedes are taught in our school books, but not Panini, Sushrut, or Patanjali.

The objective of this website is to introduce young and old to the rich history of India. We hope that this information will inspire Indians to create an equally incredible future for India.
The information on the Site is segregated in three sections:
Itihaas (meaning: This Happened)
  • History: Discover the dynasties that ruled India.
  • Ramayan: Follow the path of SriRam from Ayodhya to SriLanka.
  • Mahabharat: Rediscover Mahabharat. With real humans who struggled without supernatural powers, and boons to depend on.
  • Articles: Interesting articles on Measuring time upto 8 billion years, link between Sanskrit & English, Aryan Invasion Myth, find the lost river Sarasvati, the city of Dwaraka and much more ...


(meaning Current):
Tracking the current events here.


(meaning Future):
Sharing our vision for future India in this section.

Your suggestions, comments and participation to enrich this site are welcome. Write to us at feedback@mahanbharat.net 
This site was inagurated by Dr. P V Vartak on 1st Dec 2008.