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vande mataram

Vande Matarm was written by Bakimchandra Chatterjee in his novel Anandamath in 1882. This song became the mantra of the freedom struggle. Countless freedom fighters went to their gallows shouting Vande Mataram.

King George was to visit India. Gurudev Tagore was ordered to write a welcome poem. A patriot, he wrote Jana gana mana as if addressed to God. But this poem was dedicated to King George.
Amongst the early mistakes made by the Indian Leaders, the prime one was to choose Jana-Gana-Mana as the national anthem.

His Majesty the King George V

O King of the people of Bharat,
O King of the hearts of Bhaaratiya,
You build the future of the country,
Victory to you O King!

The regions of Punjab, Sindh,
Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dravid,
Orissa, Bengal, Vindhya & Himachal,
Waves of the seas and waters of Yamuna & Ganga,
They all sing your name,
They ask for your blessings,
They sing songs of your victories!

O King of the people of Bharat,
You are the giver of good to Bharat,
thrice Victory to you!

Bharat Mata

Bow to you, Ma Bharati!
Bow to you, my mother land!
You are blessed with rushing streams,
You are bestowed with fertile soil,
You are glorified by cool breeze,
and the dark waving fields!

Pure as the bright heavenly stars,
Adorned with blossoming gardens.
With an enchanting smile,
With words as sweet as nector,
Bestow your blessings on me!

Who can say that you are weak?
The voice of seven crores,
roars your fearful name!
In the seven crore hands,
flashes the sword of liberty.
Oh Mighty Goddess! Oh Saviour!

Lovilest of all earthly lands,
Mother great and free!
I bow to you, my mother!

You are wisdom, you are law,
You are heart, soul, and breath
You are the divine love
In our hearts that conquers death.
Your strength runs in my arms,
Your beauty, and charm.
Every divine image in the temples is but you.

You are Durga, Lakshmi,
Pure and perfect without peer,
Mother lend your ear,

Lovilest of all earthly lands,
Showering wealth from well-stored hands!
Mother, mother mine!
Mother sweet, I bow to thee,
Mother great and free!