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This is by no means a collection of biographies, but a sincere attempt to introduce few extraordinary lives of India.

Few well-educated Hindus are aware of the social work done by saints. Many confuse saintly hood with orthodox mind. On the contrary, all Hindu Saints have been religious and social reformers. They have fought for equality among men, discouraged people from consuming alcohol, preached against animal sacrifice, superstions and blind faith.

This is for that well-educated Hindu friend who respects Shivaji Maharaj & Dr. Ambedkar, but conveniently forgets that his idols had high regard for the likes of Sant Tukaram, Samarth Ramdas and Gadage Maharaj. This is for another friend who uses the term Guru in the American sense as an expert, but has forgotten its original Hindu meaning.

Included here are some Abhanga, Dohe, and Ovi. Most of them are from the collection Parmarthamarg Pradeep by Sri Kalaavati Devi of Belgaum. These are written using Devanagari font. To download Devanagari font click here. Choose to save the file to disk. Windows 95/98 users: Save the file in windows/fonts directory. For NT users: save the file in the WINNT/Fonts directory.

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600 BC  1400 AD - 1600 AD  1600 AD - 2000 AD 
 Gautam Buddha   Narasi Mehta    Sant Tukaram  
 Mahavir Jain    Kabir    Ramdas Swami 
 Guru Nanak   Sant Bahinabai 
800 AD   Surdas    SwamiNarayan
 Adi Shankaracharya   Meerabai  Ramkrishna Paramhans 
 Tulasidas   Siddharudh Swami 
1300 AD   Kanhopatra   Gondavlekar Maharaj 
 Nivrutti Nath   Sant Eknath    Akkalkot Maharaj 
 Sant Naamdev  Sai Baba of Shirdi 
 Dnyanadev    Vivekanand Swami
 Sopan Deo   Sri Gadage Maharaj 
 Muktabai   Gajanan Maharaj 
 Janabai    Sri Kalavati Devi 
 Sawata Mali 
 Gora Kumbhar 
 Sant Sena  
 Narahari Sonar 
 Sant Chokhamela