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Kahnopatra was born to a dancer in Mangalvedha. She was a devotee of Vitthala since childhood. Her mother died when Kanhopatra was a young girl.

She had recieved dance lessons from her mother and grew up to be a talented dancer. She danced in the Vitthala's temple.

A Muslim ruler (a royal from the Bahamani) was facinated by this beautiful dancer. He tried to kidnap her. Kanhopatra ran into the Vitthala's temple, to seek shelter at the feet of her lord. And at the feet of Vitthala, she left this world!



*    ZH$m{ X{dam`m, A§V Agm [mhy


ZH$m{ X{dam`m, A§V Agm [mhy
àmU hm gd©Wm Omdy [mh{
hnaUrM{ [mSg ì`mK{ Yar`{b{
_O bmJr Omhb{ V¡g{ X{dm
VwOndU Rmd Z nXg{ nÌ^wdZr
Ymd{ hm{ OZZr ndRm]mB
_m{H$bwZr Amg Omhb{ CXmg
K{B H$mÝhm{[mÌ{g hwX`mV