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Narasi Mehta

Narsi was born in Junagadh, Kathiawad province. As a child and a young boy he was careless, good-for-nothing character.

Narasi and his wife Manekba lived with his brother and parents. Narasi did not earn anything. On one occasion unsalted food was served. Narasi shouted for salt to be served. His brother’s wife angrily commented that he deserved nothing better as he earned nothing. Insulted, Narasi left his house.

Narasi's mind now turned inwards. He saw no happiness in family life or the worldly pleasures. Narasi went on singing the Lord's name. He considered himself as the slave of Krishna, Nandakumar. His poems in Gujarati are very popular, especially d¡îUd OZ Vm{ V{U{ H$hr`{.



*    d¡îUd OZ Vm{ V{U{ H$hr`{.