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Siddharudh Swami

Siddhappa was the youngest son of Guru Shantappa and Devi Mallamma. He was born and brought up in the town of Vanshadurga (Bidarkoti). Like his parents Siddhappa was a devotee of Shiva. As a child he learnt philosophy from Vedas and Upanishads from Virabhadra Swami. Even as a child he realised the need of a Guru. One day he left his home in search of a Guru.

After moving from town to town, Siddhappa came to Aamargudda (near Srishail). Here Siddhappa met the head of the matth; Guru Gajadanda Swami. The Swami initiated Siddhappa and gave him the mantra "Om Namah Shivay". Later Guru Gajadanda swami asked Siddhappa to travel around teaching people the path of Namasmaran.

Siddharudha travelled many places and finally settled in Hubli. For days Siddharudha would assume moun, and meditate. He would sit under some tree far away from the town, so that nobody would disturb him. People and some evil passerbys thought of him as a madman and treated him so. Still the Swami had nothing but love for everyone.

People realised who he was, when one day he corrected a Shastri who was giving a speech on a Vedic Rucha. The Shastri was pleased and asked Swami to conduct a seven day lecture. From then on, Swami found many followers.

He built a mattha in Hubli. Swami taught the importance of namasmaran. He also taught the way to practice namasmaran the day to day life.