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Surdas was born in Braj, to poor parents. Born blind, he was denied of parental love, neglected by siblings, and jeered by others. He was called 'Sur' meaning blind.

At the age of six he left his house. Surdas lived in a lowly hut, on the alms that came his way. A devotee of Krishna, he sang humble songs on Krishna.

In his youth, he met Sri Vallabhacharya, who accepted him as a disciple and gave Surdas mantra deeksha.

His collection of Vaishnava poetry 'Sur Sagar' portrays incidents in life of Krishna. In this he has written over 100,000 poems on Krishna. He brings out events in Krishna’s life in colorful detail.



*    h{ Jm{nd§X amIm{ eaU


h{ Jm{nd§X amIm{ eaU A] Vm{ OrdZ hma{
Zra n[dZ h{V J`m{ ng§YyH${ nH$Zma{
ng§Yy n]M ]gV J¬mh MaU Yar [Nma{
Mma àha `wXY ^`m{ b{ J`m{ _Om a{
ZmH$ H$mZ Sw]Z bJ{ H$îU H$m{ [wH$ma{
XdmaH$m g{ I]a gwZH${ JéS MT{ [Yma{
J¬mhH$m{ _maH${ hna JOamO H$m{ C^ma{
gwaXmg _JZ X{I Z§X H${ Xwbma{
_{am{ V{am{ ndMma h¡ `_amOH${ Xdma{