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Tulasi was born in Varanasi. He lost his parents at a very early age. He lived in a Hanuman temple, in Varanasi. Naraharidas spotted this child when he was visiting Varanasi. Naraharisdas instilled in Tulasi the love for Sri Rama.

Wherever Narharidas went, Tulasi went with him. Naraharidas was proud of his intelligent pupil. Tulasi grew up to be a scholar in Vedas and Upanishads. Fluent in Sanskrit and Prakrit he also wrote poems.

Later Tulasi married Ratnavali, a very intelligent and pious lady. Tulasi loved his wife, and was not able to stand even a moment’s separation. Once he crossed a flooded river to see his wife, who was visiting her parents. Out of anger and disgust, Ratnavali said "What do you gain from loving this mortal body? If you were to love the immortal Sri Rama like this, you would gain mukti."

These words from Ratnavali, opened Tulasi’s eyes. His long forgotten love for Sri Rama was rekindled. He left his home, and started travelling across north India.

He started preaching on Sri Rama’s life. In Chitrakoot, he wrote the masterpiece RamCharitaManas. His other works include Krishna gitavali, a series of 61 songs in honor of Krishna; and Kavitavali, telling incidents from the story of Rama.



*    XrZH$m{ X`mi Nm§S H$¡mZ eaU Om§C *    Vw_ ahm{ nH$gr Rm_


XrZH$m{ X`mi Nm§S H$¡mZ eaU Om§C
EH$ Ym_ nZamH$ma gm{hr Ym_ [m§C
EH$ dMZ {EH$ ]mU, EH$ [ËZr e¡æ`m
E{g{ à^y Nm§SH${ h_ H$¡mZH$y ^Oy ^¡æ`m
à^y Jna]Z H${ nZdmO, _¡ Jar] V{am
EH$ ]ma _wIg{ H$hm{ VwbgrXmg _{am


Vw_ ahm{ nH$gr Rm_, H$am{ H$m{B© gm^r H$m_,
[a ^Om{ AmRm{ `m_, am_ am_ am_
O] _mbmH$m{ M]m`m, am_ H$[rZ{ Z [m`m,
Mm_ nMaH${ nXIm`m, am_ am_ am_
ndf e§^yZ{ [Mm`m, Zm_ ZrbH$§R [m`m,
V] `hr _§Ì Jm`m, am_ am_ am_
ah{ Vwbgr nZîH$m_, hw`{ ^·V gaZm_
aQ J`{ gwaYm_, am_ am_ am_