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Modern Kans

Kans imprisoned his father Ugrasen and declared himself the king of Mathura. He also imprisoned his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev. Such was his ruthlessness that he did not hesitate to kill his sister's babies! His black deeds are described in the Bhagwad Puraan as:

"Advised by his ministers, Kamsa ordered his army to systematically persecute saintly people, sadhus and bava bairagis. Following the King's orders his soldiers began to commit atrocities all over Mathura. Saints were imprisoned. Ashrams demolished. Harassed by Kans, many Yadavas left Mathura for Kuru and Panchal regions."

Intrestingly Kans is a Hindu.
Couple of years later Vishnu was born in the form of Krishna. Krishna killed Kans and released Mathura from the wicked clutches of Kans.

I never thought that this can really happen.

Yet, this is happening:

  • Illegal migration since 1970's: Today there are an estimated 6 million illegal Bangladeshi Muslims immigrants in Assam.
  • 1990's: Mass exodus of 5,00,000 Hindus from Kashmir.
  • Nov 2004: Tamilnadu: Kanchi Shankaracharya arrested. None of the charges were proved.
  • Jul 2005: Setu Samudram Project started by desctructing Ram-Setu. This destruction was supported by a Govt report that says "Ram did not exist".
  • Jun 2008: Kashmir: 100 acres land transferred to Sri Amarnath Shrine was revoked.
  • Aug 2008: Orissa: Swami Lakshmanand Saraswati was murdered because he opposed conversion activity carried out by Christian Missionaries.
  • Oct-Nov 2008: Sadhvi Pragya, Priest Dayanand Pande arrested. (Would Indian authorities do the same to a Muslim or a Christian religious figure?)

Are we to wait for the 10th avtar Kalki to be born? Are we waiting for someone else to uproot this injustice?

Each one of us should invoke the Kalki within us. May He give each one of us the inspiration, will and power to:

1. paritranaay saadhuna: protect the innocent, pure, pious (irrespective of their religion)
2. vinaashayacha dushkrutaam: punish the culprits (irrespective of their religion)
3. dharma sansthapanaarathay: establish righteousness

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