Brief History

History is usually told by one generation to the next and the by next to the next. Many a times facts and figures get omitted, something gets added, and overall data may become skewed, depending on who is telling the story of history. Hence accepting each and every story as history is difficult, until such a time that there exists a proof presented by a scientifically proven methods to support these stories. Effort and work by thousands, including grand-parents, historians, archaeologists, and scientists, both from India and rest of world have gone behind telling, challenging, proving, debating about history of bharat that is known to todays world. 

This section gives a chronologically ordered time line about various known dynasties and people in history, and that is way way back in time..... so know about history for this land called bharat, we need to track this back when it was not called bharat....starting somewhere about Year 10,000 BC...

10,000 BC - 300 BC Ancient Era (9700 years)
300 BC - 300 AD Medieval Period (600 years)
300 AD - 1320 AD Golden Phase (1000 years)
1300 AD - 1850 AD Invasions and Fusion (550 years)
1600 AD - 1947 AD British Rule (350 years)
1947 AD - onwards Independence to Democracy (60+ years)