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Ancient Era

8300 BC - manu
6300 BC - shakuntala
5100 BC - ramayan
3102 BC - mahabharat
3200 BC - kashmir
3100 - 1829 BC - pandav
1829 - 829 BC - magadh
829 - 691 BC - pradyot
691 - 400 BC - shishung
400 - 300 BC - nanda

Its always a debatable issue "How to identify beginning of the beginning". Similarly identifying exact point in time that marks Beginning of Ancient era is very difficult.

Indian plate started moving away from African continent in about 140 million years ago and collided with Asian continent approximately 50 million years ago. Due to this collision formation of Himalayas the youngest mount range on this earth started and continued till approximately 600  thousand years ago. Signs of homo sapiens are found approximately 120-100 thousand years ago.

Formation of Vedas can be marked as the starting point of civilization in Bharat. In 10,000 BCE the composition of Vedas was going on. 

Meherghar, the earliest evidence of civilization in the valley of river Sindhu-Saraswati belongs to 8000 BCE.
And this is the point where we start looking at the history of Bharat.

Vivek Bhaskar Sathe,
Jan 6, 2009, 4:02 AM