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8300 BC - manu
6300 BC - shakuntala
5100 BC - ramayan
3102 BC - mahabharat
3200 BC - kashmir
3100 - 1829 BC - pandav
1829 - 829 BC - magadh
829 - 691 BC - pradyot
691 - 400 BC - shishung
400 - 300 BC - nanda

Sage Kashyap made the land of Kashmir habitable. His son Neel became the first ruler of Kashmir. (This must have occured sometime around the time of king Barhi, long before 10,000 BC.) Detail records of his rule are available in Neelmat Purana.

Gonand Dynasty
Gonand-I (king of Kashmir) fought for Jarasandh against Krishna. Krishna killed Jarasandh, and Balaram killed Gonand-I. His son Damodar attacked Krishna, to avenge his father's death. Damodar was killed by Krishna in the battle. Krishna installed Damodar's wife Yashowati on the throne of Kashmir. Queen Yashowati gave birth to Gonand-II a few months after the death of Damodar. 35 Gonand kings ruled Kashmir after Gonand-II.

Pandava Dynasty
23 kings of Pandava dynasty also ruled Kashmir. During the rule of Pandava king Bhimsen, the Kashmir border extended from Kanyakubja (Kanauj) to Gandhar (Afghanistan). A later King Ashoka (not to be confused with Maurya Ashoka) built the city of Srinagari (Srinagar). Jalok the son of king Ashok proved to be a very brave genral and an able administrator. The administrative setup made by him continued for the next 300 years without an able king.