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8300 BC - manu
6300 BC - shakuntala
5100 BC - ramayan
3102 BC - mahabharat
3200 BC - kashmir
3100 - 1829 BC - pandav
1829 - 829 BC - magadh
829 - 691 BC - pradyot
691 - 400 BC - shishung
400 - 300 BC - nanda

Devavrat born to Ganga & King Shantanu.
Vyas is born to Satyavati & Parashar.
Shantanu marries Satyavati. Devavrat earns title Bheeshma.
Amba vows to kill Bheeshma in next birth.
Birth of Dhruturashtra & Pandu.
Kunti secretly gives birth to Karna.
Marriages of Pandu & Dhruturashtra. Pandu retires to Himalayas.
Kunti's brother Vasudev under house arrest.
Amba born as Shikhandi to King Drupad
Birth of Pandav & Kaurav
Birth of Sri Krishna.
Death of Pandu. Kunti returns to Hastinapur with Pandava.
King Drupad insults Dronacharya.
Krishna slays Kans. Moves to Dwarka from Mathura.
Education of Kaurav & Pandav
Duryodhan makes Karna the King of Anga
Bheema & Arjun defeat Drupad for Drona's revenge
Birth of Drusthadyumna and Druapadi
Pandav escape from Lakshagruha
Bheema kills Hidimba & Bakasur
Krishna marries Rukmini
Drupadi Swayamvar
About 20 years at Indraprastha
On Krishna's request, Bheema kills Jarasandh
Rajsuya Ydnya. Krishna kills Shishupal
Dyut and departure for 12 year exile
Krishna kills Nakrasur
Jayadrath tries to kidnap Draupadi.
Adnyatvas: A Year In Hiding
Bheema kills Keechak & his 105 brothers
Marriage of Uttara & Abhimanyu
Sri Krishna Shishtayi: Failure of Kaurav-Pandav talks
The 18 day War. Pandav emerge victorious
The cost of the war
Dharma rules Hastinapur for 36 years
Swargarohan: Death of Krishna, Draupadi & Pandava.
Vyas writes Mahabharat
Sarpa Satra: Killing of Naga people

Birth of Devavrat
Shantanu of the Kuru dynasty, a decendant of Bharat rules Kuru region from Hastinapur. Shantanu falls in love with Ganga. Ganga marries him on the condition that he will not question any of her deeds. 7 sons are born to Shantanu & Ganga. Ganga drowns them all in the river. When the 8th son Devavrat is born, Shantanu stops her from drowning him. Ganga then leaves Shantanu for her heavenly abode.

Vyas is born to Satyavati & Parashar.
Satyavati works with her father as a boatman. One day Sage Parashar comes as a passenger. He falls in love with the beauty. Satyavati gives birth to a son on an island in river Yamuna. This child is called Dwaypayan (one born on a dweep) or Vyas.

Devavrat gains title Bheeshma
Shantanu marries Satyavati. Satyavati's father puts a condition that Satyavati's son shall be the king of Hastinapur. Devavrat (now about 20 years old), relieves his father by taking an oath that he will never become the king of Hastinapur, he will also stay a bachelor, so that no progeny of his will claim the throne of Hastinapur. Devavrat earns the title Bheeshma. Vichitravirya and Chitrangad are born to Satyavati. Shantanu dies after the birth of the two sons. Chitrangad is killed in a battle with Gandharvas.

Amba vows to kill Bheeshma in next birth
Bhishma captures the daughters of Kashiraj: Amba, Ambalika and Ambika. Ambika and Ambalika marry Vichitravirya.

Amba returns to her lover, King Shalwa. He refuses to accept her, as she had been captured by Bhishma. Amba returns to Bhishma and asks him to marry her. Bhishma declines. Amba gets help from Sage Parshuram, and asks him to kill Bhishma. Bhishma defeats Parashuram. Sage Parashuram, asks Amba to forget the idea of trying to take revenge on Bhishma. Angered, insultated and hurt, Amba commits sucide, vowing to kill Bheeshma in her next birth.

Birth of Dhruturashtra & Pandu:
Vichitravirya dies soon after his marriage. Bhishma becomes the caretaker of the state. Queen Satyavati, invites her son Sage Vyas to continue the Kuru dynasty. Dhruturashtra is born to Ambika. Pandu is born to Ambalica. Vidur is born to a dasi. Though Dhruturashtra is eldest, since he is born blind, Pandu becomes the crown prince.

Birth of Karna:
Yadav dynasty was established by King Yadu, son of King Yayati. The Yadav King Surasena's daughter Prutha, was adopted by his cousin, King Kuntibhoj. She came to be known as Kunti.

Kunti secretly gives birth to a baby boy: Karna. She leaves him in a river. He is found and brought up by a charioteer Adhirath and his wife Radha.

Marriages of Pandu and Dthruturashtra:
King Pandu marries Kunti. Dhruturashtra marries Gandhari the princess of Gandhar. Pandu goes for a Digvijay. Returns with another wife: Madri, the princess of Mardadesh.

Pandu mistakely kills a Sage in the disguise of a deer. He is doomed to death if he were to touch a woman. Pandu handovers the state affairs to Dhruturashtra and leaves for Himalayas with Kunti & Madri.

Vasudev under arrest:
Surasena's son Vasudev (Kunti's brother) marries Devaki. (Daughter of Ugrasen, king of Mathura). After this marriage, Kans (Ugrasen's son), puts Ugrasen, Vasudev & Devaki under house arrest. Kans becomes the king of Mathura.

Vasudev sends his first wife Rohini, to Gokul, to live with his brother Nanda. In the following 8 years, Kans kills 6 infant sons born to Devaki. Rohini visits Vasudev from time to time. During these 8 years, Rohini has one son, named Balaram.

Birth of Shikhandi
Shikhandi is born to King Drupad. Shikhandi is the second birth of Amba of Kashi.

Birth of Pandav & Kaurav:
Dharma, Bheema, and Arjun are born to Kunti. Nakul and Sahadev are born to Madri. They are born within one year of each other. The 5 brothers are called Pandav.

100 sons (Duryodhan, Dushasan, Karna, Vikarana, etc.) and a daughter Dusheela are born from the same embryo to Gandhari. Duryodhan is born one day after Bheema. The rest are born in the following 100 days. The 100 brothers are called Kaurava.

Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika accept Vanprasthashram.

Birth of Krishna:
8th son Krishna, is born to Vasudev & Devaki. (About a year after Dharma is born). Vasudev with help from some gaurds, takes the infant to Gokul. Nanda exchanges his newly born daughter with Krishna. (Hoping that Kans will not kill a girl.) Vasudev returns to Mathura with the baby daughter. Kans kills the baby girl too.

Nanda and Yashoda (both know that Krishna is Vasudev-Devaki's son) take care of the child. Krishna lives a simple life in Gokul. He is loved dearly by the people of this small village.

Somehow Kans comes to know that Krishna is Vasudev-Devaki's son. He makes many attempts on Krishna's life.

Pandava enter Hastinapur:
Pandu dies. Madri commits Sati. Kunti returns to Hastinapur with her 5 sons.

Drona insultated:
Dronaacharya is in a poor state. To support his wife Krupi and son Ashwathama he decides to get help from Drupad. His childhood friend, and now the king of Panchal. King Drupad declines to recognize Drona and insults the Sage. Drona decides to avenge his insult with the help of his disciples. In search of good pupils, he comes to Hastinapur to Krupachrya (minister with Dhruturashtra, and Krupi's brother).

Krishna slays Kans
The 8 year old Krishna kills Kans. (This is something amazing. How does he do this at such a young age?) Krishna installs Ugrasen back on the throne of Mathura. Releases his parents Vasudev & Devaki from arrest.

Angered by Kans's death, Jarasandha (Kans's father-in-law) attacks Mathura 17 times. Each time he is defeated. Due to these attacks, Krishna moves the capital from Mathura to Dwarika.

After this Krishna & Balaram go to the ashram of Sage Saandipani for education.

Education of Kaurav & Pandav
Bheeshma arranges for the education of Kauravas and Pandavas. Dronacharya is called upon to teach the children. Along with Kaurav & Pandav, Drona's son Ashwathama also studies. Due to his love for his son, Drona teaches some weapons, only to his son. Drona also loves Arjun, and to see that no one becomes better that Arjun, he asks Ekalavya for his right hand thumb. Kaurav & Pandav complete their education in 12 years. During this time Kaurav try to kill Bheema twice.

Karna: The King of Anga
Kaurav & Pandav complete their education. Dharma is now about 25 years old. Karna is 16 years older than Dharma. Arjun and all Kaurav are 21 years old. In a compitition, Karna challenges Arjun to a duet. This challenge is made void as Karna is a Sutaputra. Duryodhan makes friendship with Arjun's compititor & enemy Karna; by making Karna the King of Angadesh. (Today's Bengal)

Drona's revenge:
Drona asks his pupils to defeat Drupad as his Gurudakshina. Kaurav fail to defeat Drupad. Arjun and Bheema defeat and bring King Drupad as a prisoner to Drona. Drona take his earlier revenge to insult Drupad and releases him.

Birth of Drusthadyumna and Druapadi
Enraged Drupad performs a yadnya for the birth of a son who would kill Drona. As a result of this yadnya Drusthadyumna and Druapadi are born.

Kaurav send Pandav and Kunti to the town of Varanavat. There they stay in Lakshagruha, a house built by Dhruturashtra & Kaurava. They stay here for over a year. Kauravas set it on fire. Pandav who have been informed of this by Vidur, escape. In Hastinapur, Pandava and Kunti are taken for dead.

A year in hiding:
Pandav and Kunti go to Ekchakra nagari. Stay there for about a year, with a Brhamin family. Bheema kills rakshas Bakasur. Pandava and Kunti leave Ekchakra Nagari and live in the forest. Bheema kills rakshas Hidimba. Bheema has to marry his sister Hidimbaa. Bheema lives with Hidimbaa for over a year. A son Ghatotakach is born to them. As decided earlier, Bheema leaves Hidimbaa.

Krishna marries Rukmini
Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhishmak of Vidarbha, hears tales of Krishna's courage. She falls in love with him. Her brother Rukmiya, arranges Rukmini's marriage to his friend, King Shishupal of Chedi.

Rukmini secretly sends a message to Krishna, and together they plan to elope. The day before her marriage to Shishupal, Rukmini visits the temple of Goddess Ekvira. (This is in Amravati, Maharashtra) Krishna kidnaps Rukmini here. With help from other Yadav, Krishna defeats Rukmini's brother Rukmiya. King Bhishmak, later arranges the marriage ceremony.

Including Rukmini, Krishna had 8 wives, called Aashtakanya. They are:

1. Rukmini: daughter of Bhiskmak. She had 8 sons: (including Pradyumna), and a daughter.

2. Satyabhama: daughter of King Satrajeet. She bore seven sons.

3. Suryaa: The daughter of King Surya.

4. Mitra Vrunda: She had three sons.

5. Satya: daughter of King Satyajeet.

6. Lakshmanaa: daughter of King Mandra.

7. Jambuvati: daughter of King Jambuvan. She had a son named Samb.

8. Bhadra: daughter of King Bhadrasen.

Drupadi Swayamvar:
Many kings and princes gather at the Swayamvar. All fail the condition to hit the eye of a moving toy fish. When Karna is about to try, Draupadi declares that she will not marry a Sutaputra. Pandav are sitting among the audience, disguised as Brahmins. Arjun is able to hit the target. Enraged kings attack the Pandav. Bheema & Arjun defeat the kings assembled there.

Pandav marry Draupadi. Declare that they are alive. Pandavas return to Hastinapur with Kunti and Draupadi. Dhruturashtra divides the kindom. Gives the barren and forest (Khandava Van) lands to the Pandavas. Duryodhan becomes the crown prince of Hasinapur.

About 20 years at Indraprastha:
Pandava, with help from Krishna burn parts of Khandava Van. Build a new city: Indraprastha. (Today's Delhi). They start ruling part of Kuru region from Indraprastha.

During this time 5 sons are born to Draupadi: Prativindhya, Sutasom, Shatatik, Shrutakarma and Shrutakirti.

To save a pack of cattle (from wolves?), Arjun has to disturb Dharma & Draupadi to fetch his weapons. As a result, he goes to exile for 12 years. In the last year, he meets Subhadra (Krishna's sister), and marries her.

Subhadra is Arjun's third wife. Dharma, Nakul & Sahadev married one princess each, after their marriage to Draupadi. Bheema had married Hidimbaa before Draupadi, and had left Hidimbaa within a year of marriage.

Bheema kills Jarasandh:
Pandav decide to perform the Rajasuya Yadnya. It seems that Jarashandha might create some problems during this. Krishna has also been harrassed by Jarasandh in the past. Thus Krishna asks Bheema to kill Jarasandha. Bheema kills Jarasandha in a duet.

Rajsuya Ydnya:
Pandav perform the Rajasuya Yadnya. Many kings gather for the Yadnya. Among them one is Shishupal the king of Chedi. Shishupal is the son of Vasudev's sister, Shrutvata. Shishupal is Krishna's enemy, and Krishna kills him, during this time.

Among other kings, Kaurav are also present at the Rajasuya Yadnya. They are jealous of Pandav after seeing the palace and kingdom of Indraprastha. They decide to get Indraprastha.

Dyut and departure for 12 years exile:
Dharama is now about 59 years old. Dharma is invited to play dyut with the Kaurav. Kaurav cheat in the play. Dharma looses his kingdom. Pandav and Draupadi become slaves of Kaurav. Dushasan drags Draupadi to the court. Duryodhan & Karna speak badly to this great queen. Nither Bhishma, nor Dhruturashtra, nor Drona object Duryodhan, Dushasan & Karna.

Enraged Bheema openly takes a vow to kill Dhushasan and Duryodhan for their behaviour. Everyone in the court is terrified by the Bheema's voice and know that he is capable of fulfilling his vow. Frightened Dhruturashtra asks for forgiveness for his sons. He asks Draupadi to demand any two wishes. Draupadi asks for the liberation of herself and her husbands from slavery.

Before leaving Hastinapur, Dharma again plays and looses in Dyut. This time the loosing party goes in exile for 12 years followed by one year of hinding. Pandav and Draupadi leave for the the forest for 12 year exile. Kunti and Subhadra go to Krishna at Dwarika. Abhimanyu is born to Subharda.

Jayadrath set free:
During the stay in the foreest, Jayadrath tries to kidnap Draupadi. Bheema follows Jayadrath and captures him. When Bheema is about to kill Jayadrath, Dhrama intervenes and asks him to be left alive as Jayadrath is their sister Dusheela's husband.

Krishna kills Nakrasur
Krishna and Satyabhama fight a battle against the king Nakrasur. Krishna kills Nakrasur. Nakrasur has captured many girls, with a view to marry them someday. Krishna releases these girls. They all plead to Krishna, to accept them as his wives, otherwise they would have to end their livees. (Kashi princess Amba had to commit sucide, when Bheeshma did not marry her.) Krishna married all these girls.

A Year In Hiding:
At the end of 12 years, Pandav hide their weapons on a Shami tree and enter Matsyadesh. Here Dharma (Kanka) become a minister to the king Virat. Bheema (Ballav) becomes the chef. Arjun becomes a dance teacher to the princess Uttaraa. Nakul and Sahadev take care of the horses. Draupadi (Sairandhri) becomes the maid of queen Sudeshana.

Bheema kills Keechak:
Sudeshana's brother Keechak tries to kidnap Draupadi. This time Bheema does not inform any of his brothers. Bheema kills Keechak. 105 brothers of Keechak (Anu-Keechak), try to burn Draupadi with the body of Keechak. Bheema kills 105 Anu-Keechak at the middle of the night.

Marriage of Uttara & Abhimanyu:
After the end of one year hiding, Pandav and Draupadi declare their identity. The king Virat, is ashamed of the fact that these great people worked for him. He asks Arjun to marry his daughter Uttaraa. Arjun, who looks upon his disciple as a daughter, accepts her as his daughter-in-law. Marraige of Uttaraa and Abhimanyu.

Sri-Krishna Shishtayi:
Krishna goes to Kauravas to ask back for Indraprastha. Kauravas decline. Krishna asks for 5 towns. Duryodhan replies he would not give even a small piece of land to Pandavas. Talks continue for about 10 days. Krishna is unable to bring peace arrangements between Kaurav & Pandav. War is inevitable.

The War:
On the new moon of Margashirsha, armies of Pandav & Kaurav reach Kurukshetra. Pandav get 7 Akshouhini army. Kaurav get 11 Akshouhini army. The armies spend 10 days in preparing for the war, setting up camps and drills. At this time, Bheeshma is about 120 years old. Dharama is about 70 years old.

Day 1:
Arjun is overwhelmed by the fact that he is going to fight with his near and dear ones. Krishna tells him Geeta the philosophical dialogue that reminds Arjun of his work. This takes about 3 hours, after which war commences.

Day 7:
Arjun strikes showers of arrows, from behind Shikhandi on Bhishma. Fall of Bhishma.

Day 13:
Jayadrath, Karna and many Kaurav kill Abhimanyu.

Day 14:
Arjun kills Jayadrath.

Day 15:
Dharma tells Drona, that Ashwathama (an elephant) is dead. Drona thinks its his son, drops his weapons and sits down. Arjun kills Drona.

Day 17:
Arjun kills Karna. Bheema kills Dushasan.

Day 18:
Bheema kills Duryodhana.

Night of day 18:
Pandav & Krishna are away from the camp. Krupacharya, Krutavarma & Ashwathama attack the Pandav camp at night. Ashwathama kills 5 Pandav sons, 4 Drupad sons and Drupad's grandsons. When Pandav & Krishna return to the camp, Bheema & Krishna follow Ashwathama. Krishna punishes Ashwathama.

The cost of the war
The 18 day war leaves Pandav victorious. On the Pandav side: 5 Pandava, Krishna & Satyaki remain alive. And on Kaurav side: Krutavarma, Krupa and Ashwathama are the only living people. 100 Kaurava, Karna, Drona, Drupad, his 4 sons including: Shikhandi and Drushtadymna, all 7 Pandava sons including Ghatoakach and Abhimanyu are killed. Bheeshma dies about 3 months later.

Dharma Rajya:
Dharma becomes the king of Hastinapur. Abhimanyu's son Parikshit becomes the crown prince.

After a few years, Kunti, Dhruturashtra and Gandhari accept vaanprasthashram. All three die in a forest fire, few years later.

Krishna is sleeping in a garden, when a hunter mistakenly hits Krishna. This becomes the reason for Krishna's death. His 8 main wives (Ashtakanya) commit sati. Balaram dies soon after Krishna.

In the following couple of months, the Yadavas fight amongst themselves. In this fight, nearly all major figures of the Yadava dynasty are killed. Another major incedent: Dwarika submerges under sea.

Krishna's grandson Ushneek (son of Samb) moves to Kashyapur, (near Multan, Pakistan) to his maternal uncle, and rules the Multan area. (His desendants ruled until Nabi Mohammed defeated Devendra the last king in early 7th century. Devendra's son Asvapati was forced to Islam. Another son Gajpati came to Surat and established a small kingdom there.)

Arjun fetches the Yadava widows and Krishna's grandson Aniruddha (son of Pradyumna) to Hastinapur. On the way he is attacked by tribals. Arjun and Aniruddha are unable to save the women folk. A dejected Arjun returns to Hastinapur.

Pandav decide to retire. Parikshit (Arjun's grandson, son of Abhimanyu) is crowned as the king of Hastinapur. Aniruddha is crowned as the king of Indraprastha. Pandav are now free.

Pandav and Draupadi leave for the Himalayas. Dharma is about 100 years old.

Mahabharat written:
Sage Vyas has been noting down all the minute details of the War. He starts writing Mahabharat. (Probably the technique of writing was newly invented. Very few sages could read & write.) Vyas requested Sri Ganesh to write Mahabharat. Ganesh agreed on the condition that, Vyas will dictate without stopping. Vyas agreed, and whenever he needed some time to think, he gave a puzzle for Ganesh to solve. As Ganesh could not write, until the puzzle was solved, Vyas gained time.

After 3 years the compilation was complete. The details of Mahabharat are written in about 100,000 shloka.

King Parikshit performs a yadnya. Vyas recites the Mahabharat to the kings and people gathered there.

Sarpa Satra:
Parikshit is killed by a naga Takshak. Angered his son Janmejaya starts killing all Naga people. Sage Astik stops this holocaust. Naga people start calling themselves Astek after their saviour.

Decendants of Pandava continue to rule the Kuru region for another 1200 years. The aftermath of the great war was so mammoth that for a few centuries to come, history stood still. In this long stretch of time, there was no major event to be noted by the historians. This phase of history was stagnant until the rise of Gautam Budhha and Mahavir Jain