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cholas, kakatiyas, hoysalas

320 - 600 - gupta 606 - 647 - harshavardhana 546 - 800 - karkota 730 - 1197 - palas senas 750 - 920 - pratihars 950 - 1947 - rajput
423 - 753 - chalukya 753 - 973 - rashtrakut 973 - 1190 - chalukya 1190 - 1310 - yadav
850 - 1048 - cholas 1190 - 1312 - hoysalas 1190 - 1321 - kaktiyas

Chola Dynasty: 850-1048 AD

The Chola dynasty rose to prominence when in 850 their King Vijayalaya defeated the Pallavas. Cholas snatched Tanjore from Pallavas and made it their capital.

The most important ruler of Chola was Rajaraja I. He was one of the greatest kings of the South India and was known as "Rajaraja the Great". Rajaraja I captured Madras, Madurai, Mysore, and Sri Lanka. To protect trade with China, Rajaraja I and his able son Rajendra, brought the Maldive Islands and Sumatra, Andaman and Nicobar islands, and other places in Malaya Peninsula under the Chola rule.

Rajendra Chola was also a able ruler like his father. He even went upto Bengal. He was victorious upto the banks of Ganges. He assumed the title of "Gangaikonda" (the victor of Ganges). On his way he built a new capital called Gangaikonda Cholapuram. His reign is called the Golden Age of Cholas.

Few kings like Kulottunga, were maintained the power of Cholas. But after Rajendra's death the Chola kingdom began to decline.

Kakatiyas of Warangal

A lineage of great Kings and queens, who spoke and encouraged Telgu. They built many forts, on mountains, land, and sea. The last king Prataprudra defeated Alladin Khilji when he was first attacked in 1303. In 1310, after another war, he agreed to pay heavy tributes to Malik Kafur (Alladin's general.) After the death of Alladin-Khilji in 1318, Prataprudra witheld the tribute. In 1321 Ghiaz-ud-din Tughlaq marched with a large army, and took Prataprudra as a prisoner to Delhi. Prataprudra died on the way to Delhi. Thus ended the glorious rule of Kaktiyas.

Hoysalas of Belur-Halebid

Sala was the founder of Hoysala dynasty. Hoysalas ruled from Belur. Later they shifted their capital to Halebid. Alladin Khilji, defeated this kingdom between 1308-1312. Hoysalas built as many as 1500 temples. The style of their architechture became famous as the Hoysala style. Most famous are the temples of Belur and Halebid with intricate carvings