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320 - 600 - gupta 606 - 647 - harshavardhana 546 - 800 - karkota 730 - 1197 - palas senas 750 - 920 - pratihars 950 - 1947 - rajput
423 - 753 - chalukya 753 - 973 - rashtrakut 973 - 1190 - chalukya 1190 - 1310 - yadav
850 - 1048 - cholas 1190 - 1312 - hoysalas 1190 - 1321 - kaktiyas

Gupta Dynasty 320 - 600s AD

After the downfall of Kushans in north and Satvanahas in south, no great power rose in India. For more than a hundred years, India was divided into many independent states who continuously struggled for power.

Chandragupta I (AD 320-335)The first king of the Gupta dynasty. He married Kumaradevi, the daughter of the chief of the Lichhavis (of Magadha). He got Patliputra in dowry. From Patliputra, he laid the foundation of his empire and conquered neighbouring states with the help of Lichhavis.

Samudragupta (AD 335-380)Samudragupta, son of Chandragupta I was a great warrior. He extended the boundaries of the kingdom he inherited. He is considered as one of the greatest rulers in Indian history. Not only was he a great warrior, but also a great patron of art and literature.

Chandragupta-II succeeded his father Samudragupta. He got the title of Vikramaditya, and proved to be of the same military mettle as his father. He brought large territories in Western India under the Gupta empire. He made Ujjain a second capital. He was succeeded by his son Kumargupta.

Skandagupta succeeded his father Kumargupta. During his rule Huns attacked India. (The Huns, also called White Huns or Hunas, were tribes from northern China. They defeated the Sasanian kings and crossed the Hindu-Kush mountains to enter India.) Huns suffered terrible defeats at the hands of Skandagupta. They didnt dare to attack India for another 50 years. In the early seventh century, the Gupta empire had weakned due to internal conflicts. The Huns attacked again. Their rulers Tormana and Mihiragula claimed Punjab and Kashmir. The Gupta empire collapsed after the second attack.

The Gupta rule is considered as the Golden Age of India. Mahakavi Kalidas adorned the courts of Vikramaditya. The greatest Mathematician of India Aryabhatta also belongs to this age. The Panchatantra and Kamasutra were written during this period. The Nalanda University in Bihar, came to fame during the Gupta rule