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Aug 1947 - partition of Bharat into India, Pakistan Oct 1947 - Kashmir joins India Sep 1948 - Hydrabad joins India Dec 1961 - Liberation of Goa May 1975 - Sikkim joins India
1819 - 1947 AD:
Pt. Birbal joined Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh defeated Ajim Khan, then the ruler of Kashmir. Ranjit singh appointed Gulab singh as the head of Kashmir. Gulab Singh united the state of Kashmir. After him his son Ranbir Singh became the king of Kashmir. He opened many centres for the teaching and study of Sanskrit, built libraries and made efforts for re-establishing the values of Hindu life. The next king Pratap singh was succeded by Maharaja Hari Singh. When India gained freedom, Hari Singh opted to remain independant.

Mistakes commited by Kashmiri Pandits

1. Kashmiri Pandits declined to convert Buddhist Rinchan to Hinduism. Enraged he converted to Islam. And a seed of 500 year tryannical Islamic rule was sown.

2. When Hindus assumed the power in Kashmir, the king Ranbir Singh, asked Kashmiri Pandits to allow those (who were earlier converted to Islam by force) to join Hinduism. Narrow minded, short sighted, and not having learnt anything from the 500 years expirience, Kashmiri Pandits declined to do so.
Source: Converted Kashmir: A bitter saga of religious conversion - by Narendra Sehegal