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Aug 1947 - partition of Bharat into India, Pakistan Oct 1947 - Kashmir joins India Sep 1948 - Hydrabad joins India Dec 1961 - Liberation of Goa May 1975 - Sikkim joins India


1906 Formation of Muslim League.
1933 Rehmat Ali demands a new nation for Muslims. Names it Pakistan.
1944 Gandhi-Jinnah talks break down on Pakistan issue.
Aug 1946 Direct Action Day declared by Jinnah, ignites Hindu-Muslim riots.
Mar 1947 Viceroy Lord Mountbatten arrives in India to draft a plan for the power transfer.
May 1947 Partition of India is accepted by British, National Congress and Muslim League. Only person who opposes partition is Gandhi.
July 1947 Sir Radcliffe is in charge of deciding the boundaries of the two new countries.
15 Aug 1947 India gains independence.
Aug-Oct 1947 One of the greatest migrations of the history takes place, when an estimated 15 Million people cross the borders. The worst massacres that resulted between the Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, claim 500,000 lives.