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950 AD, Queen Didda:

Didda was queen of the Kashmir king Khemgupta. She ruled Kashmir as a queen, guardian and ruler for 54 years (950-1003 AD). She crowned her nephew Sangramraj as the king of Kashmir. Sangramraj defeated Mohd. Gazanavi in 1015AD. Mohd. Gazanavi was defeated again in 1021 AD by joint efforts of Trilochanpal (the last Hindu ruler of Kabul) and Sangramraj.

Kota Rani
Rinchan a Buddhist fugitive from Tibet was given shelter and a key administrative post by the king Sahadev. After a revolt Sahadev fled to Tibet. Rinchan killed the Army chief Ramchandra, and became the king of Kashmir.

Rinchan converted to Islam and adopted the name Malik Sadruddin. After him his queen Kotarani (daughter of Ramachandra) became the queen of Kashmir. Sahadev's brother Udayandev returned to Kashmir with an army. Kotarani offered to marry him and make him the king of Kashmir. Though Udayandev became the king, Kotarani conducted all the administration. She later defeated the Persian Sardar Tatar when he attacked Kashmir.

In 1343 Shahmir (a Muslim religious preacher) killed this brave queen Kotarani and became the king of Kashmir.

1343 - 1819 AD: The Islamic Tranny
During the rule of Shahmir, Islamic people started pouring into Kashmir. Among him and the later muslim rulers like Sikander, Saifuddin, Fateh Shah, Moosa Raina, Sultan Hassan Khan, Hyder Shah, Iftihar Khan, Azad Khan, Mir Hajjar Khan, Subedar Assad Khan it would be difficult to name the worst.

They started the conversion of Hindus to Muslim. Islamic foundation was laid by hundreds of Muslim preachers who were invited from central Asia. Later force was used for conversion. Kashmir had many Hindu temples; which were wonders of architecture. Filled with jealousy and hatred Sikander destroyed about 300 Hindu temples. Sanskrit books and schools were burnt. Hindus were given only 2 options: either accept Islam or die. Villages were converted to Islam, by force. Kashmiri women were sold as slaves in Arabia. Thousands committed sucide. Hundreds of thousands migrated.