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327 BC - greek
300 - 185 BC -maurya 250 - 130 BC - yuyan greek
185 BC - 50 AD - shung
130 BC - 100 AD - shaka 78 - 144 AD - kushan
40 BC - 220 AD - satvahan 250 - 500 AD - vatakas 300 - 800 AD - pallava and pandya

Alexander's Invasion : 327-325 BC

Alexander conquered the regions of Egypt (where he was proclaimed pharoah), Turkey, Persia, Gandhar (Afghanisthan), Bactria (Turkmenistan) and reached the western banks of Sindhu.

He crossed Sindhu and invaded India. Ambhi, the king of Taxila joined him here. Ambhi wished to defeat Porus king of Punjab with the help of Alexander. Porus and Alexander fought at the banks of Jhelum. Alexander's soldiers was overwhelmed by the elephants in Puru's army. This was a tough war, in which Puru was defeated by Alexander.

By this time, Alexander's army had exhausted. He started his retreat from India. On his way back he was attacked by the small kingdoms on the banks of Sindhu. On his way back, he died at Babylon at the age of 33.

With Alexander's invasion the Greek historians, philosophers came into India. From now on references to India were seen in official documents, which are authentic sources of Indian and Greek History.