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shaka, pahlavas, kushan

327 BC - greek
300 - 185 BC -maurya 250 - 130 BC - yuyan greek
185 BC - 50 AD - shung
130 BC - 100 AD - shaka 78 - 144 AD - kushan
40 BC - 220 AD - satvahan 250 - 500 AD - vatakas 300 - 800 AD - pallava and pandya

Shakas (Scythian) @130 BC

Shakas came from middle east. They defeated the Greek kings in the northwestern territory, and ruled in Kathiawar and Malwa. It seems that they were zoarastrians, but later embaraced Hinduism. The famous king in this lineage was Rudraman who composed Sanskrit poetry. The Kushans stopped their progress on the north boundary, and the Satavahanas checked their progress to the south. This kingdom ended when the mighty Guptas conquered them.

Pahlavas (Parthians) @100BC

The Parthians ruled small territory in the western India. Satvahans defeated this dynasty too.

Kushan Dynasty 78 - 144 AD

The Yeuhchi tribe was forced to leave China. They spread to Bactria, Paritha and Gandhar. One of its branches was Kushans. Kujala was the first kings of Kushans. Kujula came under influence of Hinduism and proclaimed himself Maheshwar.

Kanishka was the most famous of the Kushan kings. He annexed three provinces of the Chinese empire, namely, Tashkand, Khotan and Yarkhand. He had two capitals at Purushpura (Peshawar)and at Mathura in west Uttar Pradesh. His court was adorned by scholars like Ashvaghosha, Vasumitra, Nagarjun and great physician Charaka.

The Kushans were overthrown by the Sassanians of Persia in the north-west.

The Greeks, Shakas and Kushanas invaded India. After some initial collision with the Indian society, they merged into it as different castes and sub-castes. No longer were they remembered as invaders