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He is the son of Vichitravirya and Ambika fathered by Sage Vyas. He is described as blind, broad shouldered, muscular and tall.

Dhruturashtra is a live example of an undisciplined man. He is a man who is controlled by his greed, not by his values. He understands his actions are unjust, but he stops short of correcting himself.

He has 100 sons and many daughters. Though only one daughter Dusshila is mentioned. And of course has many wives. Gandhari is the principal wife, mother of Duryodhan, Dusshasan and Dusshila. But she shares this position with as many as 15, 20, 30 other concubines.

That is one lust of Dhruturashtra. The consequences are personal. His other greed cost him the life of thousands of soldiers and his 100 sons…

He was the eldest son of Vichitravirya. By birth he had the right to be the king. He was denied this right because he was born blind. This thought haunted him. He was wronged by nature, by Kuru elders. On the other hand, the younger Pandu was conferred with the kingdom. His kingdom. How the knife of jealousy, cut his heart! To top it, Pandu was bestowed with courage and valor. He completed the digvijay mission successfully.

Months later Pandu decided to go away to Himalayas. Dhruturashtra, the elder brother, equivalent to father, did not stop Pandu from abdicating the throne. His wish would have been a command for Pandu. After Pandu left, with no heir, Dhruturashtra became the uncrowned king.

Alas! Pandu's sons returned. They were the true heirs. Soon they proved that they were able administrators, brave warriors, righteous and pious. They were perfect king material. Theoretically, in MB days, uncle was treated as father. Pandu's sons treated him as father, but Dhruturashtra thought differently. He says, "Yes, Pandav are my sons too! But Duryodhan is born of my body."

He allowed his sons to murder Pandav, get hold of their kingdom, their wealth and even their wife!

All the time Dhruturashtra is in a dual state of mind. Which path to follow? The just path: make Pandav the king, treat them as sons, love them as they loved and respected him? Or the tempting path: kill the Pandav, and make Duryodhan the king. Vidur, the wise brother, advised him time and again to follow the just path, the path of the dharma. While evil ministers like Kanik helped him scheme the Varnavat massacre. This internal battle is depicted throughout the pages of Mahabharat.

All that the Pandav had asked for was 5 towns. As a father, Dhruturashtra was in the position to order Duryodhan to return Indraprastha. But his greed and blind love for his sons, didn't not allow him to take necessary steps. The result: he lost all sons. And became responsible for the deaths of thousands of soldiers who fought in the Great War.