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A Year in Hiding

A Year In Hiding

At the end of 12 years, Pandav hide their weapons on a Shami tree and enter Matsyadesh. They now had to live incognito for a year. Yudhishthir, as Kanka, became a minister to the king Virat. Bheema, as Ballav, worked as a chef. This job took care of his great appetite. Arjun, as Brihanadda, worked as a dance teacher to the princess Uttaraa. Nakul worked as care taker of Cattles and Sahadev worked in the capacity of horse expert. Draupadi, as Sairandhri, worked as the hair dresser to the queen Sudeshana.

Bheema kills Keechak

Sudeshana's brother Keechak tried to kidnap Draupadi. This time Bheema did not inform any of his brothers. Bheem and Draupadi arranged a plot to kill Keechak in the drakness of the night. Draupadi invited Keechak to the dance hall at night. Bheem disguised as Draupadi pounced on Keechak and killed him, making it look like a job of a Gandharva. Angered by the death of Keechak, 105 brothers of Keechak (aka Anu-Keechak), tried to burn Draupadi with the body of Keechak. Bheema killed them all and set Draupadi free.

Goharan Episode

After the death of Keechak at the hands of Sairandhari's Gandharva husband, King Virat asked Draupadi to leave Matsya kingdom. Draupadi asked Sudeshna for a couple of days after which she would leave.

Other kingdoms of Trigarta and Kuru decided to attack Matsya and rob it of its cattles, as the death of Keechak had made it weak. When Susharma of Trigarta attacked Virat, Virat with all his army went to face Susharma. Bheem saved the life of king Virat in this battle.

Then the Kuru army opened another front to attack Virat. Prince Uttara was the only available warrior. Flexing his muscles, he boasted to the young ladies about his valour. But when he found himself facing the Kaurav army, he fled for his life. His charioteer Brihanadda, Arjun in disguise, helped him overcome the fear. Arjun fetched his weapons from the Shami tree and fought the Kaurav. Kaurav were defeated. Arjun was recognized. Duryodhan complained that the Pandav were found before the end of 13 Solar years. Bheeshma gave verdict that 13 Lunar years were complete and the exile bond was fulfilled.

Defeated Kaurav went back to Hastinapur. Victorious Arjun and Uttar returned to the palace to be greeted by victorious Virat. Soon Pandav declared their true identity to King Virat.