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Soon after the war ...

Pandav won the 18 day war. All Dhruturashtra's sons (except Yuyutsu), Karna and his sons, Drona, Bheeshma, Somadutta, Bhurishrava, Jayadrath, Shalya, Shakuni and his sons and many others were killed. The losses on the Pandav side were no less. They lost Drupad, his 4 sons and many grandsons, Virat and his 3 sons, 7 Pandav sons including Ghatoakach and Abhimanyu.

For one month after the war Pandav stayed outside Hastinapur to mourn the dead. After the mourning, Pandav entered Hastinapur. Yudhishthir was coronated as the king. Bheem was declared the prince, yuvaraj.

Shanti parva: Bheeshm's advice

Pandav and Krushn went back to Kurukshetra to visit Bheeshma, who was on deathbed. For a few days, Bheeshm advised Yudhishthir on dharma; the duties of a king. 58 days after the war Bheeshm passed away.

Yudhisthir ruled Hastinapur, with advice from Vidur and Dhruturashtra. Bheem did not show respect for Dhruturashtra. A year later, Dhruturashtra offered Shraddha for his dead sons. Soon (18 months after the war) Kunti, Dhruturashtra, Gandhari, Vidur and Sanjay retired to the forest. 2 years later Pandav went to visit them. They stayed with them for a couple of months. During this visit, Vidur passed away. A year later Dhruturashtra, Gandhari and Kunti were killed in a fire. Sanjay escaped.

Mahabharat written

Sage Vyas had been noting down all the minute details of the War. It took him about 4 years to gather all required information. He started writing Mahabharat after Dhruturashtra's death. It took him 3 years to complete the work. About 7/8 years after the war, Mahabharat was written.


36 years after the great war, the Yadava were having a merry party. The war had shown the differences among the Yadav. Krushn, Satyaki had fought on Pandav side; whereas Krutvarma, Vinda, Anuvind fought on Kaurav side; Balaram on the other hand remained nuetral. Krushn as a Yadav leader had kept the Yadav united.

But now in this party, the differences came to surface yet again. Krutavarma lashed out at Satyaki for killing a meditating Bhurishrava. And Satyaki shunned Krutavarma for helping Ashwathama to kill sleeping foes. One word led to another and Satyaki killed Krutavarma. Krutavarma's supporters killed Satyaki and Pradyumna who came to help him. Seeing his son slain, Krushn too joined the fight and killed a few Yadav. Soon he saw that there was no end to it. He left with Daruk in search of Balaram. When he found that Balaram too had been killed, he was in despair. He sent Daruka to Hastinapur, asking Arjun to come to Dwaraka for help. Krushn went to his palace, asked his father Vasudev to look after the women folk and retired to the forest. Tired, grieving Krushn was resting under a tree, when he was killed by a hunters arrow.

Arjun arrived in Dwaraka and learnt of Krushn death. This was a great blow for him. Grieving Vasudev too died after Arjun arrived. Arjun then held a meeting in the Sudarshan hall, with the available ministers, and Yadav princes. He gathered the subjects of Dwaraka, Yadav women and children, and started off to Indraprastha with some soilders accompaning him.

On the way Abhir tribes attacked this caravan. The Abhir's kidnapped many Yadav women. Arjun with his scanty army was unable to save the women and defeat the Abhir. Dejected he continued his journey with the remaining Yadav women and children, subjects, army and the riches of Dwarka.

Arjun established Ushneek (son of Samb) in the kingdom of Kashyapur, (near Multan, Pakistan). He continued to rule Kashyapur after his maternal uncle. (His desendants ruled until Nabi Mohammed defeated Devendra the last king in early 7th century. Devendra's son Asvapati was forced to Islam. Another son Gajpati came to Surat and established a small kingdom there.)

Arjun established the son of Kritavarma, Bali at the city called Marttikavat.

Arjun established the son of Satyaki, Yuyudhani on the banks of Sarasvati.

Arjun installed, Vajra the great-grandson of Krushn on the throne of Indraprastha. After the coronation, Krushn's wives retired to the forest.

Death of Pandav and Draupadi

Arjun returned to Hastinapur after nearly 6 months. The Pandav were dejected by Krushn's death. No longer did they wish to live in a world void of Krushn. Pandav and Draupadi decided to retire. They crowned 36 year old Parikshit (son of Abhimanyu). Left Subhadra and Uttara to take care of the kingdom. Asked Yuyutsu to look after and advice the young king.

Pandav and Draupadi left for the Himalayas.

Sarpa Satra

Years later, 60 year old Parikshit is killed by Takshak. Angered his son Janmejaya started killing all Naga people. It is believed that this Sarpasatra took place in Multan. During this Sarpa satra, Sage Vaishampayan, disciple of Sage Vyas recited Mahabharat to the kings and the people who had gathered.

Sage Astik stoped this holocaust. Naga people start calling themselves Astek after their saviour.

Decendants of Pandava continued to rule the Kuru region for another 1200 years. The next historic event was the rise of Gautam Budhha and Mahavir Jain.