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In Exile

Jayadrath set free

During the stay in the foreest, Jayadrath tries to kidnap Draupadi. Bheema follows Jayadrath and captures him. When Bheema is about to kill Jayadrath, Yudhishthirintervenes and asks him to be left alive as Jayadrath is their sister Dusheela's husband.

Krishna kills Narkasur

Krishna and Satyabhama fight a battle against the king Nakrasur. Krishna kills Nakrasur. Nakrasur has captured many girls, with a view to marry them someday. Krishna releases these girls. They all plead to Krishna, to accept them as his wives, otherwise they would have to end their livees. (Kashi princess Amba had commited sucide, when Bheeshma did not marry her.) Krishna married all these girls.