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Preparing for the War

Marriage of Uttara & Abhimanyu

After the end of one year hiding, Pandav and Draupadi declared their identity. The king Virat, is ashamed of the fact that these great people worked for him. Now knowing the identity of Brihannada, he was worried. Arjun had taught her dance for a year, who would now marry her? He requested Arjun to marry Uttaraa. Arjun, who looked upon his disciple as a daughter, accepted her as his daughter-in-law. Soon the wedding of Uttaraa and Abhimanyu took place in the capital.

Yadav, Panchal and other relatives gathered for the wedding. After the wedding forward plan was discussed. Knowing that Duryodhan would not give back the kingdom Pandav started gathering army. At the same time the process for peace talks with Dhruturashtra are initiated.


Sri-Krishna Shishtayi

Many rounds of peace talks took place. About one year had passed since Pandav came out of incognito. As a last attempt, Krishna went to Hastinapur to ask for the Indraprastha. Duryodhan declined. Krishna and the Pandav were ready to negotiate for 5 towns. Duryodhan replied he would not give even a small piece of land to Pandavas. Talks continued for about 10 days. Krishna was unable to bring peace arrangements between Kaurav & Pandav. War was now inevitable.

Departure to Kurukeshtra

Balaram arrived in Upaplavya, and met Krushn. On learning that the war was inevitable, he decided to go on a piligrim. He asked his men to get required material for the yatra from Dwaraka to Prabhas. Next 15-20 days, Balaram traveled from Upaplavya to Prabhas. On Karthik Krushn 1, Pushya Nakshtra: ie. 27 days after Krushn's arrival in Upapalvya: Pandav left for Kurukshetra. On the same day Balaram started his Saraswati pilgrimage from Prabhas.

Next 23 days: Kaurav and Pandav setup their camps, and prepared the battle field. On Margshirsha Shudha 10: Sharad Navaratra. Viajaya Dashmi. (Now a days, Sharad Rutu coincides with the month of Ashwin. Hence Vijaya Dashmi is on Ashwin S 10.) Exactly one year ago on Marg S 10, Arjun had retrieved his Gandiv bow from the Shami tree and defeated Kaurav with Prince Uttar of Matsya Desh. Yudhishthir worshiped goddess before the commencement of the war next day.