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The War

The armies of Pandav & Kaurav reached Kurukshetra. Pandav had 7 Akshouhini army. Kaurav had 11 Akshouhini army. The armies spent a few days in preparing their camps.

Day 1

Arjun is overwhelmed by the fact that he is going to fight with his near and dear ones. Krishna reminds Arjun of his duty. Their dialogue is popular as Geeta, is held high as a Upanishad. This takes about 3 hours, after which war commences.

Day 10

Arjun strikes showers of arrows, from behind Shikhandi on Bhishma. Fall of Bhishma.

Day 13

Jayadrath, Karna and many Kaurav kill Abhimanyu.

Day 14

Arjun kills Jayadrath.

Day 15

Dharma tells Drona, that Ashwathama (an elephant) is dead. Drona thinks its his son, drops his weapons and sits down. Arjun kills Drona.

Day 17

Arjun kills Karna. Bheema kills Dushasan.

Day 18

Yudhishthir kills Shalya. Bheema kills Duryodhana.

Night of day 18

Pandav & Krushn are away from the camp. Krupacharya, Krutavarma & Ashwathama attack the Pandav camp at night. Ashwathama kills 5 Pandav sons, 4 Drupad sons and Drupad's grandsons. When Pandav & Krushn return to the camp, Bheema & Krushn follow Ashwathama, but he escapes.