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Rama Setu

Ramayan Times Sri Ram and his army were standing on the sea shore wondering how to cross it with the huge army. Nala, an engineer, in King Sugreev's army, built a temoprary structure of huge light weight stones and sand on the shortest and highest path in the sea. 
  This bridge came to be known as "Nala-Setu" / "Ram-Setu". It was called "Adam's Bridge" during British Rule.
  Rama Setu is mentioned in many ancient documents like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Skanda Puran, Vishnu Puran, Garuda Puran, Hampi inscription (1508), Malbar Bowen Map (Netherlands 1747), Joseph Park Map (Australia 1788).
  This bridge joined India and SriLanka by a walkway until recent times. As late as 1744 Alexander Hamilton walked on this bridge to SriLanka.
1961, 1968, 1996 CE Setu Samudram proposed a way from West coast to the East coast of India without circumventing SriLanka. This saves about 34 hours journey. These proposals do not need to break through the Rama Setu.
2005 CE

The UPA govt. ignored the earlier proposals and started executing the Setu Samudram project that went right through the Ram Setu.

With a blunt statement "Rama did not exist. He was not a historical figure." supporting this act.

1 Would the Chinese Govt ever think about damaging the Great Wall?
2 Would the UPA Govt ever think about damaging the Kutub Minar?
3 Has the Indian Govt given a thought to developing an Archeological Tourist place at Rama Setu? This could earn them same amount of money saved in using the Setu Samudram?
4 Why did the UPA Govt chose the option that will hurt the Hindu Sentiments? Why were'nt other proposals considered?
5 Archeology proved that the ledgend of Sarasvati disappearing was actually an ancient river. Archeology proved that the ledgend of Dwaraka disappearing was actually an ancient city. In spite of above evidence why are no archeological studies performed on Rama Setu?
6 Is the impact on Oceanic life considered?
7 Is the impact of another Tsunami considered? This formation saved parts of Kerala coast in the recent Tsunami, that had claimed more than 2,60,000 lives.
8 Is the impact on Costal livelihood considered?
Reference: http://www.slideshare.net/kalyan97/rama-setu-ppt --- Dr S Kalyan